eLearning at St. Bartholomew



  • Create a dedicated space for eLearning. Eliminate distractions.
  • Be prepared and have all books, materials and supplies available and ready.
  • Wear attire acceptable for school.
  • Know your class schedule, know when your teacher will be online for Google Meets, and login to the appropriate Google Classroom for each class.
  • Attendance at Google Meets is REQUIRED.
  • Be on time for class. Do not leave class until the teacher instructs you that the online class time has ended.
  • Your video must be on for the Google Meet. Sit in a seat that is on camera so that the teacher can see you at all times. Stay in one spot during your Meet. Make sure that your background is appropriate.
  • Do not eat or drink while you are in class online.
  • Use headphones with a mic (if possible). Headphones will help you block out any distractions around you.
  • Learn how to use Google Meets effectively. Learn how to enter the Meet, mute and unmute yourself, turn your camera off and on, and shut down the program.
  • Notify school personnel of any technical issues immediately.
  • Follow the rules for using technology outlined in: Appendix D Chromebook Agreement 2020-2021 or Appendix E iPad Policy and Agreement 2020-2021
  • Engage in class at all times by following the instructions given by the teacher.
  • Be respectful to all students, teachers and teacher’s assistants in the class.
  • Follow the teacher’s instructions for volunteering such as raising your hand. Wait for your turn to speak and do not interrupt.
  • Stay out of the chat feature unless the teacher requests students use it. Chat is public to everyone in the class (including the teacher), and it can be distracting.
  • Understand that all classes are recorded and microphones and video may be “live” at all times.
  • If you are too sick to login to Google Meets, then please be sure this has been communicated to your teachers and the Attendance Line. It’s your responsibility to ask for the link to the Google Meets recordings and watch them.
  • Demonstrate learning with completion of assignments.
  • Communicate with your teachers and examine their feedback.
  • Seek help, ask questions and ask for explanations if needed.
  • Find out when teachers are available for your questions. Remember that teachers are teaching during the school day, and it may take up to 24 hours to answer your specific questions.
  • Respect your teachers! Respect all the work they are doing to teach you.
  • Be patient with yourself and your teachers – we are all learning together. Reach out to your teachers if you feel overwhelmed.


eLEARNING is available to any family who would prefer to keep their child(ren) at home, if a child becomes ill or if your child needs to quarantine at home. If you begin in eLearning and would like to switch to in-school or if you started in-school and would like to switch to eLearning (and do not have an illness) then the school must be given at least 3 days notice before this change can occur. Any student home sick or quarantining may join eLearning while they are absent. Switching to eLearning? Please fill out this Form: https://forms.gle/Jh8pX6xGhCvJSDEj6

eLEARNING está disponible para cualquier familia que prefiera tener a su (s) hijo (s) en casa, si un niño se enferma o si su hijo necesita ser puesto en cuarentena en casa. Si comienza en eLearning y desea cambiarse a la escuela o si comenzó en la escuela y desea cambiarse a eLearning (y no tiene una enfermedad), entonces la escuela debe recibir un aviso de al menos 3 días antes para que este cambio pueda ocurrir. Cualquier estudiante enfermo en casa o en cuarentena puede unirse a eLearning mientras esté ausente. https://forms.gle/Jh8pX6xGhCvJSDEj6


BCSC is now offering breakfast and lunch meals for our students who are doing eLearning. You may order for your students by calling your home school cafeteria (not St. Bartholomew school). Please place your order by 9 am daily. If your student is a Paid or Reduced Meal eligible student the prices charged are listed below. Please note that you’ll have to pay for the meals at the moment they are picked up. Meals may be picked up curbside between 11am – 1 pm daily at the home school cafeteria door.

Elementary Breakfast $1.45; Elementary Lunch $2.80
Reduced Breakfast FREE; Reduced Lunch $0.40

Secondary Breakfast $1.45; Secondary Lunch $2.90
Reduced Breakfast $0.30; Reduced Lunch $0.40

BCSC ahora ofrece desayunos y almuerzos para nuestros estudiantes que están haciendo eLearning. Puede ordenar para sus estudiantes llamando a la cafetería de su escuela local (no a la escuela St. Bartholomew). Haga su pedido antes de las 9 am todos los días. Si su estudiante es un estudiante elegible para comidas pagadas o a precio reducido, los precios se muestran a continuación. Tenga en cuenta que tendrá que pagar las comidas en el momento en que se recojan. Las comidas se pueden recoger entre las 11 am y la 1 pm todos los días en la puerta exterior de la cafetería de la escuela.

Desayuno de Primaria $1.45; Almuerzo de Primaria $2.80
Desayuno a precio reducido GRATIS; Almuerzo a precio reducido $0.40

Desayuno de Secundaria $1.45; Almuerzo de Secundaria $2.90
Desayuno a precio reducido $0.30; Almuerzo a precio reducido $0.40


St. Bartholomew educators have adapted their teaching styles to reflect the current eLearning reality. Educators are using different platforms for different grade levels, technology includes programs and platforms such as SeeSaw, Google Classrooms, Wonders online, Google Meets and many, many more!

Our educators are fully committed to our mission that we will empower all students in our faith-filled welcoming community to grow in mind, body and spirit. We are committed to doing so in a safe and healthy environment.


All school Mass with Father Chris Wadelton was streamed every Friday from the St. Bartholomew Church.

Every school announcement was started with a prayer just like we do every day here at school. St. Bartholomew educators continued to teach religion class virtually.

Socially & Emotionally

We were able to use Google Meets at the end of our eLearning experience to let classrooms meet up, see each other and provide that social environment a lot of the students were so desperately seeking. We hope to expand our use of Google Meets in the future.

Our St. Bartholomew Counselor, Mrs. Neibert, was still available to students who wanted to talk or email. In addition, Mrs. Neibert sent out weekly emails with information about how to help our students deal with the emotional stress they may be feeling during these uncertain times.

Questions or Concerns about St. Bartholomew’s plan to reopen our school? Please fill out this question form and the school administration will respond as soon as possible.

St. Bartholomew School will be closed and eLearning days will be used November 9-December 22. La escuela St. Bartholomew estará cerrada y tendrá días de aprendizaje electrónico (eLearning days) empezando el 9 de noviembre hasta el 22 de diciembre.